How To Set Up A Company In Hong Kong

The first step is to get a business license from the Trade Department. It should be done as quickly as possible as the licenses you get must be valid for a certain period. It is also necessary for you to get a certificate of registration from the Registrar of Companies.
If you are in Hong Kong and want to know how to set up a company in Hong Kong, there are lots of options available to you. Many government agencies have information on how to set up a company in Hong Kong. You must understand how to do so as this will affect how much money you are allowed to borrow, how much you are allowed to pay out each month, how much profit you can make, how you can protect yourself against the risks in the market, and many other things.
Once you have the licenses you need, you should set up your business. The way you do this depends on the type of business you have chosen to do.
If you have decided to start as a domestic helper, you will probably need to rent your own home in Hong Kong so you can get your employer’s number and the business address from the landlord. The registration papers you get from the Registrar of Companies should then be given to the domestic helper.
To start your Hong Kong company incorporation service, you will need to purchase all the equipment you will need. It can be anything from a printer, copier, or scanner to fax machines. Some of the equipment that you will need to purchase may be expensive. You will need to find a wholesaler if you want to buy a large amount of these.
Once you have your business incorporated, you will need to decide on a business incorporation service. There are several types, and most will be relatively inexpensive. The first option is to have a company in Hong Kong form a trust. It is the best option because it is straightforward to register, it is swift to process, and it has very few restrictions.
Your trust can then be used as collateral for loans or business in Hong Kong. You can use your trust to secure investment certificates of deposit that you use to invest in property loans.
You can also find several other options if you prefer not to have your trust registered. One such option is to have your business registered as a SIC or Special Import Company. It will mean that you will not be required to pay a company tax in Hong Kong.
Another right choice is the sole proprietorship. Here, you are the only owner of the business. There is no need to be registered in Hong Kong. But, this means you will have to pay a registration fee in Hong Kong.
When you are looking at how to set up a company in Hong Kong, there are also some things that you cannot do. For example, you cannot start a bank or a store unless you are a qualified accountant.
You also cannot operate an office unless you are registered in Hong Kong. If you want to open a restaurant or retail outlet, you will also have to get a license. It is to ensure that your business will run well.