How To Incorporate A Company In Hong Kong – Important Steps For Success

How to incorporate a company in Hong Kong is not as simple as it seems. There are several procedures to be followed.The first procedure is to find the business bureau. The bureau has its procedure to follow when incorporating a company. The procedure may differ from country to country, but one of the essential things is to get the registration with the Hong Kong Registration and Standards Commission (HRT). This registration allows all the activities of the company to be monitored by the government and the central government.
The last step in how to open offshore company in Hong Kong is to hire an attorney, accountant, and tax lawyer, as these are necessary for setting up and running a company in Hong Kong. The company should have an attorney who will be responsible for the day to day accounting work. The accountant can prepare the annual returns for the registered company and help prepare the accounts on behalf of the company.
The next procedure on how to incorporate a company in Hong Kong is to submit the Articles of Association with the government. Some restrictions may be imposed on the size of a company, its share capital, and the number of directors. The purpose of these documents is to state the nature and objective of the business.
Next, the Articles of Association must be approved by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), which is under the Ministry of Commerce. The application must be reviewed by the DTI if the applicant wishes to open a branch or if the applicant wants to expand their existing business. There are certain documents that the company must submit with the application and with the approval of the DTI.
After the Articles of Association are approved, the company is granted registration with the business bureau and the registered company’s capital. The business bureau will be the one that oversees the affairs of the business. A copy of the Articles of Association and the Certificate of Incorporation will be delivered to the registered company.
The registered company must submit a copy of its register of the company in Hong Kong with the central government. All its financial statements must be reviewed to make sure that there are no mistakes. The business bureau will also be responsible for checking the records of the registered company to ensure that the company is legally valid.
Once all the documents are approved, and the business is in good standing, the company will have the responsibility to take on a representative, usually a secretary, to handle the day to day operations. This person will take care of all the other details, such as collecting payroll and collecting books. These are essential tasks that the secretary will do.
The accountant will also be responsible for filing all the necessary tax returns on behalf of the company. They will be responsible for paying the taxes that apply to the company’s business activities and will be responsible for any penalties that may be applicable.
The tax lawyer will be responsible for protecting the company’s tax liabilities. They will be responsible for ensuring that all taxes are paid on time and that they file the correct tax returns for the registered company.
The last step in how to incorporate a company in Hong Kong is to appoint the secretary of the company. These two individuals will be responsible for providing a stable managerial leadership for the company. They will be responsible for the direction of the company’s business affairs and will ensure that all the relevant procedures and laws have been followed.